Call Of Duty Mobile Season 6 Release Date, Leaks, and New Features

Call of Duty Mobile season 6 will start on 1st July 2022 according to the in-game countdown of battle pass. The game has such a huge fan following due to its cool features that fans are already anxiously waiting for the next season.

Mobile games aren’t only great fun but they’re also a great way to keep yourself mentally fit and healthy. This month’s must-have game is Call of Duty Mobile. We’re bringing you everything you need to know about the new season – including the release date, new features, and much more.

Official banner for call of duty season 6

Call of duty mobile season 6 is coming soon. As usual, The new update is expected to introduce new features and will probably have some changes and improvements. So, before that time comes, here is everything you need to know about the game. Users can read more about Activision activities on their website.

New Mythic Skins, Maps, and Weapons 

One of our favorite new content additions is the mythical skins. We’re particularly fond of the M13 Mythic skin as M13 is the widely used weapon in COD mobile for long-range fights as other weapons got nerfed in a recent update. 

Other details are not revealed by Activision and there is no beta testing for season 6 either. Therefore, we have to wait till the official release to know more about new features, Maps, and Weapons unfolding in the new season. 

Call of Duty Mobile Release Date

There is no official date for season 6 release but according to the countdown in battle pass, it is expected to be released on 1st July and It’ll last for 2 months approximately. The season 6 update will be rolled out according to the Android version users have on their smartphones and users can update the game from Playstore or Apple App store accordingly.

The size of the update varies with each update but it will be more than 1 GB. You can download the latest version of the Call of Duty mod apk from our website that comes with aimbot and other hacks it will be updated to season 6 just like the official game.

Call of Duty Mobile Leaks

At this moment, we only know that M13 Mythic skin is coming in this season but there is no visual leak about that skin so far. So, We will have to wait till Activision makes the official release.

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