Apex Legends New Content and Character Revealed

EA has revealed the new character to be added to the Apex Legends game along with other content. 

This week, Respawn Entertainment, the developers of Apex Legends, announced the new content update coming to the popular battle royale game. In addition to this new update, they revealed the new character we’ll see in the upcoming DLC.

apex legends new hero

In a surprise announcement, developer Respawn announced Apex Legends will be receiving a free patch update soon with new character skins, game mode changes, and the introduction of the Ghost, a mysterious new playable character “Mad Maggie”.

Apex Legends: New Character ‘Mad Maggie’

Mad Maggie is a brand new character coming to Apex Legends which is locked from the base. Players can unlock it using either 12,000 Legend tokens or 750 Apex coins. She’s an elite offensive legend with Riot Drill ability to bring enemies out of cover, Warlord’s Ire helps her to track the enemies and she lays speed-boosting pads to help her squad join battle with high speed. She joins the ranks of the 21-character “Legends” line-up.

Mad Maggie is a no-nonsense markswoman with a penchant for killing robots. She’s been built from the ground up to play like a pro. In addition to her impressive marksmanship skills, Mad Maggie has her own unique set of perks, so players can use her to suit their play style.

Apex Legends: New Map ‘Space Map’

Today’s map gives players more space to explore. This new map brings a little bit of every player’s favorite map together into one: Apex Legends’ Space Map. Players who played Apex Legends on PC in the past are familiar with the battle royale mode’s unique circular maps, but those who haven’t played before may feel a little lost, especially since the maps can be quite large. But don’t worry! The new map brings back some of the old favorites that people fell in love with, such as ‘Turtle Rock,’ ‘Apex,’ ‘Rampage,’ and ‘Hazard’ among others.

World Edge

Other Content Updates in new Patch

  1.  New Limited Time Mode – Armed and Dangerous Limited Time Mode released for the Mobile version
  2. New Battle Pass – Every new season brings a new battle pass. This battle pass includes 50 tiers of rewards and some changes.
  3. Bug Fixing and Improvements
    1. Auto Ammo Pickup fixed for peacekeeper
    2. Wraith-based visuals fixed
    3. Replicator Spawn location fixed
    4. Fixed spots on the world’s edge where players get stuck or blocked by terrain.
    5. Fixed issue for Mirage players – they felt lag when they use ultimate ability

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