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Bitlife life simulator is the real-life simulation where you can enjoy every aspect of life from studying to being whatever you want to be.
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Aug 10, 2021
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Life simulation game BitLife, usually referred to as Bitlife Life Simulator Apk, was launched on September 29, 2018, by CandyWriter LLC. Despite the text-based format, this game still has excellent playability and a pessimistic sense of humor.

Introduction to Bitlife Life Simulator

From the moment you are born until you reach the bright white light, you will face multiple choices during this BitLife. This Bitlife Life Apk Mod gives you a perfect choice for living your own life according to your own rules.

You now have the opportunity to live the life of your dreams because the choices you make will lead you down the path you desire. No matter how hard you study or how lazy you are, you are guaranteed to earn a ribbon that you can proudly display in front of your friends. If you want to succeed in life, it’s up to you to achieve your goals, regardless of your zodiac sign or where you were born. For all the experience, download this Bitlife Life Simulator Unblocked and experience yourself.

Features for Bitlife Life Simulator

  1. Childhood

    Your character in the Bitlife Life Simulator Wiki is now a child after its creation. First, your character’s title displays the name and occupation of their parents, your birthday, star sign, how you were conceived, and if you have siblings or pets. Stats will be randomly determined during the creation process, but happiness and health are usually extremely high. A new year will be added to your character’s life every time you press Age, which can be found in the middle of the screen.

  2. Schooling

    Normally, you will attend high school between ages 10-15, although this varies from nation to nation. You will also enter the Student stage at age 6, starting elementary school or primary school. In countries with school and club structures, characters can engage in school faculty and classmates’ activities and join clubs.

  3. Adulthood

    Among the options are higher education, military service, employment, and taking time off. Students who have chosen higher education are labeled as students. Unemployed persons are labeled as unemployed, while professionals are labeled as employees or military personals during this Bitlife Life Simulator Parent Review. The part-time job of a character who is unemployed full-time will be used as their stage. The character will graduate and get a driver’s license if they haven’t already, depending on where they come from. Students with part-time jobs but not unemployed will appear as either students or jobs.


iOS vs. Android Bitlife Life Simulator versions

Android users were frequently behind the updates since it was released later than iOS and was developed by a company initially specializing in iOS features. Also, BitLife has been promoting iOS more on social media than Android because many features in Android are lacking. However, Candywriter has made sure Android is not ignored by hiring new developers. When the limited-time Haunted update was released in October 2019, it was the first time that an Android update was released before an iOS update.

Even though the iOS version is more sophisticated than Android, it is not without fault. A new character interface and new faces were included in the Mind & Body update in February 2020. In addition to discontinuing custom scenarios, users were disappointed.


Is Bitlife Simulator a safe game?
Yes, Bitlife Life Simulator is a 100% safe game for users.
Can we operate this game on android and iOS operating systems?
This Bitlife Life Simulator works perfectly on both Android and iOS operating systems simultaneously.


This Bitlife Simulator is a real-life simulator that allows the players to enjoy the reality of life within this game. Besides, Bitlife Simulator Online is available for all android and iOS operating systems. Furthermore, you can enjoy the Bitlife Life Simulator Review that offers some of the best gaming experiences overall.

From birth to childhood, teenagers to adulthood, you need to spend life according to your style and personality.

What's new

  • Childhood
  • School Life
  • Adulthood

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