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Beat Street mod apk is a fighting action game in which you fight your opponents to death. Killing your enemies will result in a reward.
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Beat Street mod apk is a fighting action game in which you fight your opponents to death. Killing your enemies will result in a reward of gold coins and an increase in power. With these rewards, you can unlock new characters and upgrade already existing ones to ensure a win in all battles. These upgrades are necessary because the difficulty level increases as you progress further in the game.

Unlock as many fighters as you can and choose the best one to fight the boss at the end of each level. Once the boss is killed you are automatically promoted to the next level. As the name suggests, Beat Street is a street fight game, and all your fights happen on streets where you need to kill all your enemies to reach the next level just like Real Steel World Robot Mod Apk.

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Background Story

Beat Street apk mod is based in Tokyo city and set in the 90s period. In Tokyo, cruel and self-satisfied bandits have control over the whole city, and they are instilling fear and horror among its inhabitants by attacking every passenger and destroying everything around.

You will start the game as a character named Lee who is interned in martial arts sensei. Your mission is to fight these bandits and become a hero for the inhabitants. Only you have the ability to fight these bandits due to your fighting skills and only you can get rid of these bandits and mafias in the city.

Unique Features

Beat Street mod apk can be distinguished from other action games because of its following features:

Story and Gameplay

Beat Street hack has a background story and directive gameplay which makes the game interesting. It is not just about killing randomly rather it gives the players objective of becoming heroes and killing all the bandits and mafias to liberate the city from their hands. Killing these bandits gives gold coins which you can use to unlock new fighters which keep the interest of the player engaged in the game and you do not feel bored even after playing for hours!

Game Controls

Beat Street mod apk android 1 has a single touch control system which makes it very easy to play with a single hand. Usually, these kinds of action games have multiple controls and commands to create an action sequence, but Beat Street is unique as you can use only one finger to play.

All the actions and commands are done by tapping on the screen. You can move your character by tapping the area where you want to move. You can attack with your fists on your enemies by constant tapping and if you want to grab your target, tap, and hold the screen near them. Your character will immediately grab the enemy and you can swipe away on-screen to through them away. Only this much learning of controls is required and you can easily play the game.


Beat Street Apk is a pixel art game and has handcraft pixels. The amazing 2D graphics and well-coordinated gameplay features make the game truly enjoyable. The visuals of the game are reminiscent of the Gameboy title back in the 1990s. The game’s retro music is created by Maxo and is a very lovely and engaging addition to the game. the whole theme of the game is set in the 1990s and players of all age groups can relate to them. You can read game features in detail from the official website of Beat Street Publishers.

Mod Features

Beat Street Mod menu offers the following features:

Unlimited Gems

Beat Street unlimited gems mod offers countless gems which you can use to liberate rare characters without worrying about using them all up for a single character.

Unlimited Money

Download Beat Street mod apk unlimited money and unlock all the fighters. Use different fighters in different levels and enjoy the game to its full extent.

No Ads

The beat Street mod comes with zero ads as ads can be irritating and you can play the game nonstop for hours. You can enjoy Shadow Fight 2 Mod Apk to enjoy fights in shadow.

Additional Information

Game Name Beat Street
Developer Lucky Kat Studios
Genre Action
Size 76.8MB
Requirement Android 5.0+
Updated on 01/05/2022


Beat Street game mod apk is an action game with very direct gameplay and one-click controls. You get to go tonight streets of Metropolis to fight bandits. You have to get rid of bandits in the city using your fists and become the hero and savior of your city. Just continue clicking even with only one hand to kill your opponents until no bandit is left and the boss arrives. Kill the boss by using your special fighting moves and move to the next level.

The life span in the game is very limited therefore do not miss the opportunity to through hard blows to your opponents. Killing the bandits and bosses gives gold coins as rewards. You can use these rewards to enhance your fighting skills and upgrade and unlock new fighters. The more fighters are unlocked, the more is your chances to successfully complete new and harder levels. Download game Beat Street mod apk to get access to unlimited gold coins so you can unlock new and better fighters.

Download Beat Street Mod Apk

You can download Beat Street tricky mod from our website from the download button given below and enjoy street fights in 90s style. Follow the given steps to get the Beat Street mod on your Android:

  • Download Fnf tricky Beat Street mod from our website and save it on your device.
  • Open “Settings” and go to “Security > Unknown Sources” on your Android device and enable Unknown Sources.
  • Now open the file manager on your Android device and locate the mod file.
  • Tap on the Beat Street mod file to start the installation process.
  • The installation will take a few minutes. Once the installation is completed, tap on the game icon to start playing Beat Street Hack.

Final Verdict

Beat Street is set in the 90s when bandits are terrorizing the city and the only way to survive is to fight these bandits. With very simple and one-touch controls, the Beat Street mod fnf is an amazing game to play. So, what are you waiting for? Download Beat Street apk now and start enjoying fights in the nightlife streets of Tokyo!

What's new

Beat Street mod apk latest version has game engine and framework updates which allows 64bit releases of the game.


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