Ball Blast MOD APK 2022 | Unlimited Money, Coins and No Ads


Mod version of Ball Blast APK has unlimited money, diamonds, and gold coins which allows you to play it for long hours without stress.
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December 17, 2021
Android 4.4+

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Ball Blast MOD APK is a simple ball game in which you control the canon platform to break big colored blocks into debris. Canon needs to be moving to avoid the ball falling. Ball blast apk is designed in multiple difficulty levels and clearing each level opens the next more difficult level. However, you must be quick because each time the ball falls, you have to play it again from the first stage.

It is established by VOODOO developers, famous for developing ball games. This is an entertaining game that keeps players busy to establish new score records after each mistake. It has 2D graphics and is suitable for young adults. Players also establish quick reflexes and eye and fingers combinations by playing this game.

Ball Blast MOD APK Features

Brick Breaker Ball Blast MOD APK has the following features which make this game awesome

  • Simple Gameplay

    Ball Blast MOD apk is a very simple game involving moving canon left and right to hit the color balls or bricks above the screen while avoiding the falling balls to hit the canon. When color balls are converted to debris, gold coins splash out and you move quickly to collect the maximum coins. This simple gameplay makes this game equally addictive for adults and children.

  • Single Game Mode

    This game has a single game mode i.e. shooting the ball and collecting the gold.

  • Standard Difficulty Level

    It is neither too tricky nor too easy to gain the score in the Ball Blast apk. The colored balls have numbers according to the level you are in. The higher the number of the ball, the bigger will be its size and on hitting, it will convert into a same number of smaller balls. For example, for stage 1, the ball will be number 1 and it will be destroyed in a single shot. However, at level two, after the first hit, the ball will be converted into two smaller balls and will require two more shots to completely blast the ball.

  • Various Background Designs

    After each level, background design changes which have beautiful pastel colors. So, after completing each stage background also changes indicating a new difficulty level.

  • 2D Graphics

    Ball Blast has 2D graphics meaning all the graphics are down to earth. Colors of the ball and the background of the game changes after each stage. The bouncing of the ball when hitting the ground and bouncing off the gold coins also look fascinating, especially to children.
    Ball Blast MOD APK offers the user 20 different artillery types and 30 background designs instead of standard one type of canon and only three designs.

  • Zero Sound Effect

    There are no sound effects in this game as it has only two modes, silent and vibration. Some users find no sound effects comforting while others dislike this feature.

Ball Blast MOD APK Features

When the game initially starts, it has zero coins but after collecting the first gold coin, an infinite amount of money is provided which can be used to unlock firecrackers and other items in the store. The main features of the MOD version of ball blast apk are

  1. Unlimited Money and Diamonds
  2. No Ads
  3. 2D Graphics
  4. Unlimited Gold Coins
  5. Totally Free
  6. Endless Challenges and Gameplay

Ball blast Gameplay

Following are the rules to keep in mind while playing the game

  • Move the canon left to right to shoot the bouncing ball while preventing these balls to hit the canon
  • At every staged number on the balls will increase and the player will need to hit the ball as many times as the number on the ball to completely decimate it. The more you hit the ball, numbers on the ball will decrease eventually becoming zero
  • Once the ball is destroyed, gold coins will fall, and you will need to move quickly to collect as many as possible.

Image of ball blast max upgrades    ball blast download

At the start, the game seems very easy but as the levels start increasing, changes in the game also become sudden and difficulty arises. As the higher stages arrive, it takes so much time to complete them for example it takes equal time for the player to complete stage 500 as completing stages 1 to 12.

As you progress in the game, updates in artillery also start. Initially, the size and speed of canon change to avoid multiple balls bouncing at the same time. Later, you can choose multiple shots volley which will change the balls to the dust even before reaching the ground. These upgrades require the money within the game and the gold coins dropping at the end of the ball’s blast.

Universal Apk Game in Action    ball shooting game

Players get some points after breaking each ball and after certain points, the next level gets unlocked with which the difficulty of the game also increases. As the difficulty increases, more advanced weapons are needed to play. These weapons are unlocked with the money you collect throughout the game.

Additional Information

Name Ball Blast
Developer VOODOO
Genre Arcade
Size 68M
Version 1.63
Requires Android 4.4 and up / iOS
MOD Features Unlimited Money/Coins/Diamonds

How to Install Ball Blast MOD APK?

You can download its MOD version using the following steps

  • First download Ball Blast MOD APK
  • Then you install it without using an internet connection
  • Once the installation is complete, you can open the Ball Blast app and enjoy its unlimited resources

Mod version of Ball Blast APK has unlimited money, diamonds, and gold coins which allows you to play it for long hours without stress.

Final Verdict

Ball Blast MOD APK is an entertaining game both for adults and children. It is neither too easy nor hard and does not require much skill or technical thinking. It can be played between office meetings or school classes to quickly relax your mind. It has colored balls, changing backgrounds, and beautiful and simple graphics. It is the perfect game for everyone other than professional gamers. Just download the game and enjoy.

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