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Are you looking for a game that is action-packed and engaging? Well, here’s one game that will make your gaming experience thrilling. Armed Heist Mod Apk offers you the ability to take part in an armed robbery. You will be able to gain massive money just by robbing other players using weapons & equipment. You can also earn massive cash by robbing banks with this mod!

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Become Famous Robber

The main goal is to become the most infamous robber ever! This game might be one of the most interesting games online now because it gets its input from real mafia robberies! Even if they are executed in pictures or movies, they surely look amazing. With this game, you can even perform them yourself so don’t waste time anymore and download Armed Heist Mod Apk. If you love Gangsters characters and want to become one in the game, you will absolutely love Ganstar Vegas Mod Apk.

Armed Heist Game Highlights

Here are the features of the Armed Heist Mod Apk

  • Rob banks and other players

    Take part in the most intense robberies ever! Upgrade your equipment and weapons! Make them even more powerful to be able to rob even stronger players.
    This game is free to play on Android devices with or without an internet connection so you can enjoy playing this game anytime, anywhere.

  • Choose your favorite weapon and equipment

    You have many choices of weapons and you can use them to rob players. Steal money from the bank or other players by firing at them, just like in real mafia robberies! You can even move undetected with this mod. Be careful though because they are criminals too!

    cheats to customize your weapons

  • Multiplayer – Rob with Friends

    Invite your Facebook friends to take down the enemy together using armed heist Mod Apk unlimited money & gems. Create your own crime gang with friends and family members who want to be part of the action. Join a criminal syndicate that has more experience than you do! Takedown organized player bases with extreme speed and ease.

  • Customizing Robber appearance

    You can now change any aspect of your character – it’s all up to you! Be a criminal with tattoos, steel teeth, and a Mohawk; be smart and tactical by wearing camouflage and sunglasses; or even dress like a police officer! And don’t forget about vehicles. You can choose from many different vehicles like sports cars, motorbikes, bikes, etc. Choose one that best fits you now!
    This game has been played by more than 1 million people over the world, which makes it popular with players. Don’t miss out on this game because people are really enjoying playing it! Download Armed Heist Mod Apk unlimited money, gems, and ammo to join in the fun!

    gameplay and characters

Armed Heist Mod Apk Features

  • Weapons & Equipment

    • Freeze gun: Disable enemy and make them vulnerable
    • Grenade launcher: Blow up all the enemies!
    • Rocket launcher: Destroy bases with just one shot of this powerful weapon.
    • Sniper Rifle: Kill anyone from a distance, silently and undetected.
    • Tesla Coil: Make anyone who stands in your way go away forever. Commit crime without any consequences at all!
  • Bank Robbery in Armed Heist Mod Apk

    Keep hundreds of local dollars or foreign currency inside these banks – you will surely find something valuable within? For even more money, you can rob the bank and keep what is inside for yourself – no one can stop you if they don’t know about it! Fill truckloads with expensive goods to sell on the black market. Keep your money and valuables in safety without anyone noticing them.


    armed heist mod apk unlimited money

  • Infinite Ammo

    All types of ammunition are available all the time thanks to modded buttons. With infinite bullets, you can easily win any level or raid any player without worrying about your ammo. Play without limits.

  • Rob Players Features in Armed Heist Mod Apk

    Both of you can be winners: With this mod, you can attack other online players and try to steal their cash and belongings! Even if you get killed or arrested by a police officer all your items will not disappear! You do not lose anything when you get attacked with Armed Heist Mod Apk unlimited money & gems. Since you love bank robberies, you must get good at running as it is the main thing to get away from cops, you can try Temple Run 2 Mod Apk to master the skill of getting away from cops.
    You must always watch out for criminals like yourself because they will try to rob your loot also! If you want to stay safe then upgrade your equipment and weapons before attacking others; otherwise, all that hard work would amount to nothing. Steal from other players in order to become extremely wealthy in just minutes.

    armed heist shooting gun game

  • God Mode

    No damage, when attacked by enemies during raids, is another benefit that allows you to save yourself from losing valuable items taken in battle. If you get disabled, run away quickly so they don’t find you again! Hide somewhere safe until

Latest Update of Armed Heist Mod Apk

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  • Updated to the latest version;
  • Removed all ads;
  • Unlock all items;
  • One hit kill.


Frequently Asked Questions

[su_accordion][su_spoiler title=”How To Download Armed Heist Mod Apk?” open=”yes” style=”fancy” icon=”plus” anchor=”” anchor_in_url=”no” class=””] With our easy installation guide, you can download Armed Heist Mod Apk on your Android device right now. [/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title=”Will this mod work on my phone?” open=”No” style=”fancy” icon=”plus” anchor=”” anchor_in_url=”no” class=””]Yes! It does not matter what kind of device you have – even if it’s a tablet or a phone; the game runs smoothly without any problems. [/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title=”How long will this mod last?” open=”No” style=”fancy” icon=”plus” anchor=”” anchor_in_url=”no” class=””] This is not an official release by original developers so there are no guarantees given for its lifetime. However, the mod has been updated many times with new features added and bugs fixed; therefore it should run smoothly as expected. [/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title=”Can I play online Multiplayer mode with this game?” open=”No” style=”fancy” icon=”plus” anchor=”” anchor_in_url=”no” class=””]Yes, definitely! You can play against others in Crime City (CC) or Big Business (BB). [/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title=”Is it safe to download and install Armed Heist Mod Apk?” open=”no” style=”fancy” icon=”plus” anchor=”” anchor_in_url=”no” class=””]It is 100% natural and has no suspicious files or viruses that could harm your device in any way. The modded APK file can be found on reliable third-party sites and since it does not require any login information, you do not need to worry about your account. [/su_spoiler] [/su_accordion]


Armed Heist Mod Apk works offline and is a really fun game. It’s a good idea to download the modded version if you don’t want to wait for resources or buy them with real cash – it may cause addiction.

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