Arcrobo MOD APK v1.4.4 (Unlimited Health)

Arcrobo MOD APK is the ultimate robot-shooter, space-action rogue game. You can fight in different missions, hire mercenaries, and work together to defeat the enemy. Every character has unique skills and weapons. Advance your rankings in the game by unlocking and upgrading your character.

There are various kinds of destructive weapons for you to choose from and feel the battle heat. Collect robot parts, progress, and fight in various types of missions awaiting your challenge. Downloading the mod version of ArcRobo to get the upper hand you need to be at the top of the leaderboard. You have unlimited money in the mod version to access all weapons and unlock new levels. Become an indestructible force in every mission!

Company in Arcrobo


Arc Robo is a unique rogue shooter action game. Its differentiating features from other games of this genre are:


Every mission in ArcRobo has a different background story and specific goals. The goal of each mission is foretold. Some of the background stories of the first few missions are as follows:

Chapter 1. The Space Station

NISS is a new international space station where World Government Alliance is requesting a recap.

Chapter 2. The Small Town

The mission is taking place at a new international space station named Village. You have received a letter: “Good day. I am Mia from the school you built. But now I can’t go to school because of the bad guys! Please help us!”

Chapter 3. Gwangan Bridge

The new government is dispatching the army based on the intel that the Rovaders are on the move. They requested our company send reinforcements.

Chapter 4. Mars HQ

We received news that the Mars Headquarters that we have invested in has been invaded by the Rovaders! Our stocks are plummeting.

Fight Enemies in Arcrobo

Game modes

ArcRobo has various chapters in the game and each chapter can be played in three modes:

  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Hard

The more updated you are in the game; more it will be easier for you to complete each mission in hard mode and earn better rewards.


The missions in the game are called chapters and in each chapter, there are different levels or stages that you need to complete for successful missions. For example, the first chapter Space Station in easy mode has 20 stages. On completing these stages, one chapter/mission is accomplished, and you earn various rewards such as new skills, hundreds of coin chips, robot parts, new weapons for spaceships, etc.

Similarly, the third Chapter Gwangan Bridge has 20 stages in easy mode, and 40 stages in hard mode. Completing 10 stages in any mode in every stage brings the boss stage which is more difficult than the normal stage and requires you to use multiple skills simultaneously to kill bosses. Since we are talking about bosses, You may love Soul Knight MOD APK where each boss is difficult to kill.

Pilots in Arcrobo


In Arc Robo mod, you have a variety of characters to choose from as captains of your spaceship. Each captain has unique abilities, Ultimate moves, and passive attacks making them different from each other. There are robots available for you to equip your ship with. Every robot has different functions and weapons attached to them. Find the best combination of pilot and robot for ultimate skills and make your way to the top of the leaderboard!


Robots have different parts, and each part has hundreds of different skills. These robot parts are upgraded in levels. Each robot has:

  • Soul Leg upgrades to 20 levels,
  • Lion Hearts_Body upgrades to 25 levels,
  • Assault Rifle upgrades to 25 levels,

Upgrading these skills makes the robots more lethal and killing enemies become easier. Just like in Heroics MOD APK, there are a lot of abilities available for you to strengthen your skills. 

powerful bosses

Skills in arcrobo

There are various skills in Arcrobo MOD APK that you can unlock by leveling up during missions in the game. Some of these skills that you can acquire during every mission are:

  • Mirror Image: when HP drops below 30% creates a mirror image of self.
  • Death Marble: Upon enemy death, shoots projectiles in 6 directions.
  • Fire Panel: Generates a spinning fire panel.
  • Fire in the Hole: Occasionally a grenade forward.
  • Death Mine: Upon enemy death, explodes and deals damage equal to 200% of ATK.
  • Support Attack: Upon landing a critical hit, there is a chance to activate an additional powerful attack.
  • Awaken: Reduces the projectile speed of enemies.
  • ATK UP+: Increases ATK by 30%
  • Spear: Projectiles pierce through enemies
  • Concentration: Increases EVA in proportion to lost HP
  • Reflect: Projectiles bounce off walls
  • Shield: Generates a shield that blocks 3 enemy attacks
  • Side Shot: Increases the number of projectiles fire sideways
  • Ignore Obstacles: Ignore obstacle blocks
  • Crit Up+: Increases CRT by 10% and CRIT DMG by 20%
  • Summon Machine Gun: When an enemy is defeated there is a chance to summon a machine gun bot
  • Poison Shot: When attacking an enemy, it adds poison DOT damage, and much more. The more stages a mission has, the more skills there will be for you to unlock and use.
  • Chain Shot: If your bullet hits one enemy, it bounces toward other enemies and reduces their defense.
  • Intsa Kill: With insta kill, you get a chance to kill the enemy instantly.
  • Lightning Shot: With each attack, your enemy is stunned and receives lightning shots which means they can not attack you.
Arcrobo mod apk abilities


ArcRobo has 3D anime artwork and screen design. Arch Robo can suck you into this rogue action genre if you are a fan of anime. The sharp colors, modern characters illustrations, and scientific robot models increase the interest of every player. Every chapter of the game takes place at a new location and every location has a unique design and colors. Start a mission in diverse level design and fight powerful alien monsters as you have done in Archero MOD APK.


Arcrobo MOD APK is a reward-based game. You can try your fortune every time you clear the level. A wheel with different rewards will appear on the screen and you can collect one of the following items:

  • HP – Your HP will increase in the percentage you select before the start of the next level.
  • Item Drop Rare – This is a very rare reward.
  • Defense – Your defense will improve
  • Attack – Your attack will cause more damage
  • Enemy HP – Health points of the enemy will reduce in percentage
  • Enemy Defence – Enemies defense will be weaker if you get this item.

You can choose a figure between 5% and 10% and try your luck with this challenge.


ArcRobo is easy to learn and a lot more entertaining than other actions game. It does not require a lot masterful planning and strategy beforehand. You go into battle and use weapons and skills naturally. Use the combination of pilots and robots to kill the monsters and bosses. Use the skills unlocking during various stages in the mission to clear the stages more rapidly.

The controls of the game are very easy and intuitive. There is a joystick on the right side of the screen which you can use to move your character. When an enemy appears, stop moving the joystick and an automatic attack will be launched. Shoot the enemies continuously and if the monster is killed, coins and other items will be dropped which will be useful in further levels.

Gold coins have experience value in battle, but they can also be used as property outside. If you collect gold coins to upgrade, you can learn new combat skills and gather the pilot’s kill skills. If the amount of nirvana skills is full, the nirvana button will be activated, and you can use the nirvana (lightning bolt).

If the two gathering nirvana skills are measured, the powerful two gathering nirvana skills can be used. The amount of Ultimate move gathering twice is much more powerful than the ultimate move gathering once. You can turn the situation around with one ultimate move on many enemies. Use these special moves cautiously as you don’t have many opportunities! You can check the official version of the game from PlayStore as well.

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arcrobo mods

  • Unlimited Health
  • All Captains Unlocked
  • All Robots Unlocked
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Damage Multiplier
  • All hangars unlocked
  • Unlimited Batteries

Download ArcRobo NOW

Use the download button given on our website to install the ArcRobo on your device and get access to unlimited coins, skills, captains, and robot parts. Follow the pop-up instructions when you open mod files, and the game will be installed in your system.


ArcRobo MOD APK, an anime-style alien shooter rogue game, allows you to fight in multiple space missions. Each mission chapter has various levels and boss stages in it. With the best combination of pilots and robots, you can easily dominate space and kill all your enemies.

By downloading our mod version, you can get access to unlimited everything from captains to robot parts, skills to weapons nothing stays out of option for you. So, what are you waiting for? Download the game now and give it a shot!

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