Angel Saga MOD APK v2.05 (Menu MOD, High Critical Damage)

Angel Saga MOD APK is a roguelike RPG genre game. This game is a world of wars and battles against demons. You are an angel who has fallen to the world of demons filled with great evil. You start as a Hero and will eradicate evil by fighting these expansive wars. Battle through the world of demonic evil, get strong, and unlock different classes. Help the angel MYEL escape the prison of demons. The prison is secured with over a hundred layers of defense measures. Will you be able to free the angel “Myel” from the claws of evil? The fate of the angel saga rests in your hands!

Angel Saga Mod Apk


Break the shackles of imprisoned Angel MYLE

An angel Myle has fallen and is in the grasp of demons. The evil creatures have imprisoned the angel in a series of security layers. The protection is so strong that it has hundreds of passes and gateways guarded by demons. Freeing the angel is not an easy task. It will take great strength and courage to accomplish this task. Are you ready to free Angel Myle from the jails of hell?

Angel Saga Mod Apk Evil Dungeon

Angelic weapons, skills, and spells

The game is action-packed but the action can be carried out if you know how to handle the angel’s abilities, skills, and spells. Use various strategies to make your way through tough battles. Angel has many super abilities such as blowing enemies away with tornadoes, crashing enemies with gigantic boulders, burning them to the ground with blazing fireballs, electrifying enemies with lightning bolts, and much more displays of angelic powers. These attacks are so powerful that can destroy enemies within seconds.

Angel Saga Mod Apk Skills

The angels can cast many spells to render the enemies helpless, but it is all up to you. The enemies possess many strong demonic weapons and dark magic, so achieving the legendary status and freeing the angel is no walk in the park. Just like Nightmare Hero: Rogue-Like RPG MOD APK with the best magic spells, skillful combat, and amazing gear to wash away enemies.

Unlock stages and discover new gates

The game angel saga mod apk has many stages, gateway, and levels. Clear them using your brilliant strategies and gameplay tactics. New stages are unlocked as you progress in the game. It uses a horizontal map to take you to new places. Wander many lands, fight dangerous battles and unlock new possibilities. The stages are completely random and a hint of unpredictability makes your game exciting and filled with thrill. The more you play and progress the more you come closer to freeing the Angel Myel. Fighting is inevitable as it is the underworld. So, fight and win.


The gameplay is easy as many other roguelike RPG action games. It is a one-handed playstyle. The game is from 3rd person’s perspective. Navigate your character through the battle stages and gateways using a joystick. When you stop moving it attacks the enemy automatically. There is also skill activation, these activate automatically after a certain period of time and blow the enemies to shreds.

Fun controls


The character system developed by Alchemist Games Inc. of the Angel saga is just out of this world. The inventory holds all the choices of character customization and upgrades. Transform your angel character according to your taste. Unlock new skins and skills using coins gathered by clearing the stages. Customize them according to your moods and gameplay needs. Do you want a seductive beautiful angel, a god of war, or a look of a dark angel fallen from the heavens? It is only your choice to make.

Angel Saga Mod Apk Customize Character

Character customization

  • Special costumes
    The special costumes vary from the standard costumes in the outlook department. Special costumes can be acquired only during special events.
  • Crafting costumes
    Standard costumes are customized with basic items like gold and magic stones.
    Custom costumes are customized with special items. These special items are acquired from boss fights.
    Limited costumes are obtained only with the game’s Angel Pass.
  • Costume effects
    Change the appearance of the costumes and equipment and receive a passive effect.


Combining Energies

Angel saga provides players with a plethora of energies, abilities, and skills. You will be facing many challenges, the deeper you are into the, more tough battles lie ahead. Mix and match combinations of skills, and energies to destroy the enemies. Just like Heroics Mod Apk has a lot of abilities available for you to strengthen your skills. The magical combination of powerful weapons and magical abilities makes you a lethal force to reckon with.

Angel Saga Mod Apk Powerful Bosses


The more you dive into the demonic world, the demons will also continue to grow strong. This means you need to be strong as well for your upcoming fights. Angel saga provides players with worthy upgrades after the completion of their battles and provides resources for those upcoming upgrades. Replenish your soul with upgrades and be reborn after the worthy upgrades. The gameplay encourages you to chain a series of upgrades and skills with any hero to produce the best action-packed battles.



  • Main property
    An item has only one primary equipment property and the main property increases the base effect with every equipment level up.
  • Additional property
    An increase in equipment’s class will also unlock some additional properties. Each item has different additional properties that can be unlocked.
  • Legendary property
    The Legendary property weapon class Increases the combat effect.
  • Set bonus
    It is triggered when using 2 or 4 items from the same class.
Upgrade Hero

Equipment classes

The game has 7 classes of equipment:

  • Normal
  • Advanced
  • Magical
  • Heroic
  • Legendary
  • Ancient Legendary
  • Mythical

Skill sets

  • Basic skill – enhances weapons attacking power
  • Add. Skill –  enhances the character’s primary skill and stats
  • All characters unlocked
  • Special skills – Magical skills obtained in terms of 1 point for defeating monsters. Each new special ability costs 1 more point than the previous special skill.
  • Soul stones – Gathered by crushing the Elite Boss rarely and the Final Boss.

You can also explore Combat Quest Mod Apk has many characters with different skill sets. 

 Magic Spell

Abnormal status

Enemy monsters and demons go in abnormal status when hit by certain weapons.

  • Bleeding – lasts for 5 seconds.
  • Poisoning – Reduces HP by 5% after 3 seconds and lasts for 15 seconds.
  • Freezing – lasts for 5 seconds and freezes the enemy.
  • Frostbite – lasts for 5 seconds after being hit with 3 snowstorm skills. Active again after every 20 seconds.
  • Burn – lasts for 5 seconds and deals 10% damage of the attack used to trigger it.
  • Stun – lasts for 2 seconds and prevents movements and attacks. Active again after every 20 seconds.
  • Weakness – lasts for 3 seconds and deals 20% damage up to 9 times making it 180% damage.


  • God Mod
  • Speed Multiplier
  • High Critical Damage


Angel saga has simple controls. You can move your character and navigate the stages with ease. Avoid enemy attacks, dodge magical spells, and use strategies to make your way through the battle victorious.

Play with your friends online and defeat the dark magical demons with outstanding attacks, skills, and abilities. The angelic powers will enhance as you progress in your journey. Appreciate the roguelike action-packed game and reach the next levels in no time.

The game with random stages and designs keeps you on the edge of your seat. Every run-in with the demons you will be enthralled with excitement. The unpredictability is the key to never making you feel bored.

Customize the character list from the inventory. Upgrade skillsets, equipment, and costumes from the items and resources gathered after the fight. Time to get rid of that bow! Kit your new gear with special items and wield a more powerful Angelic weapon. All gear including legendary gear can be customized by crafting with care and effort.


Angel Saga mod apk is free to enjoy an Action RPG game best suited to enjoy with online friends. The fights are interesting and a huge number of battles await at each gateway. Angle Myle is trapped within layers and layers of dark demonic security and defense. This creates an issue for escaping. Be the hero that can save the Angel and eradicate this darkness that is plaguing the world. The angel possesses immense powers and can burn enemies to the ground in mere seconds. The angel can help you in your toughest battles.

This mod gives you the freedom of enjoying the game to the fullest without having any problems or worries. Download this mod apk for free with no ads. The mod unlocks everything like weapons, equipment upgrades, costumes, and special items. Embark on this journey with many challenges and hurdles issues that come in the life of an angel. Use angelic powers like hurricanes, snowstorms, lightning bolts, and gigantic fireballs to obliterate the demons and defeat the dark wizard. Welcome to the exciting world of angels, demons, hell battles, summons, and much more!

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